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How to Plant Trees and Shrubs for success

If not planting into a prepared bed of loose soil loosen soil 2-3 times as wide as root ball. Dig no deeper than root ball. Roots need to exchange gases and water and a loosened soil amended with compost soil conditioner. Bio-tone plant starter is used to provide an organic slow release fertilizer which will not burn. It contains beneficial bacteria and fungi which helps root development and plant health.

Upon planting water the plants well. Depending upon season of the year and amount of rain fall watering needs to be monitored and water well when soil around plant is dry.

We have found inserting a piece of pipe into the planting hole will enable you to water the roots quickly and thoroughly.

Remember plants like pets need water to survive.

About Bluegrass Garden Center

The Skinny on Bark

Bark is the “Skin” of the tree and shrub. It is the protection from disease and insect infection. Damage from mowing and trimming equipment is becoming a major cause of plant failure.

Ban the Mulch Volcanoes

Mulch helps retain water and cools the roots.

Mulching too deeply results in Mulch “volcanoes” where the much is stacked on the bark of a tree resulting in damage the tree caused by disease fungi. More is not better. Mulch applied too deeply will encourage roots to grow in the mulch instead of the soil resulting in root damage due to drought and cold.

We have received several calls from customers regarding mold growing in their mulch. After doing some research, here are two websites that we think will be helpful. 
 October, Our Dry Month
Forest Fire Hazard Season occurs twice in Kentucky, Spring; Feb. 15- April 30 and  Fall; Oct. 1- Dec. 15 
For newly planted Trees and Shrubs, these times of year are critical to success. Many people believe since the temperatures cool down, there is less moisture loss. However, usually in the Fall we have many 90 degree days with no rain.
Check your landscape daily. Any sign of leaf "wilt" could mean the plant has gone too dry. Dig down about 2-3 inches. If the soil is moist don't water! If the soil is dry, place a slow running hose at the base of the tree or shrub.
A sprinkler can also be used, just try and water early in the morning so there is less evaporation when using a sprinkler.