Landscape Design and Installation

About Bluegrass Garden Center

We offer landscape design based on beauty and low maintenance solutions to enhance your home. We work with you taking into consideration your individual requirements, tastes, life style as well as well as site conditions and style of your home. Trees and shrubs provide privacy by screening and accenting your home. Design out door rooms which can be viewed from inside and outside your home.

We encourage you to visit and browse our plants we stock and we can special order unique or hard to find tree, shrub, and perennial, annual or garden décor item.

Just let us know you are looking for and we will try to locate it for you. A deposit may be required depending on the cost and time of year.

We offer several options to achieve what you desire in your landscape:

Bluegrass has professional staff that can install your landscaping. Our staff, vehicles, and equipment are fully insured and licensed to provide you safe quality service.

Trees and shrubs purchased with guaranteed price that are installed by our staff comes with a full 1 year warranty. Our warranty does not cover plant material purchased at a discount or Acts of God including but not limited to drought, wind , hail, flood, freezing , heat or customer neglect.

The owner is responsible for proper maintenance that we will gladly explain and help you with.

We offer consultation services that are fee based which is dependent upon the amount of time required, distance travelled, and follow up visit if required.