Bluegrass Garden Center

We are a Certified Bonide Diagnostic Center for plant problems. The Bonide line includes Natural low impact products and traditional plant and pest care products.

We offer Espoma organic fertilizers Holly-tone, Rose Tone, Tree-Tone, Plant-Tone and Bio- Tone Plant Starter for safe and slow release feeding.

Monty’s Liquid Fertilizer provides a simple and easy way to provide nutrients.

Solo sprayers in several sizes provide easy and reliable ways to apply products.

Dramm Watering tools provide quick and accurate water application.

Quality Corona pruners, saws, lopping shears and planting tools are durable and easy to use.

Our stock of potting soils includes Black Gold Specialty soils. Our quality Baccto Lineup of Baccto Lite Potting Soils, and Sunshine Natural and Organic growers mix.

We offer many mulch choices.

Barky Beaver safe colored mulches in black and chocolate brown color are from USA harvested natural timber with no unknown scrap waste added. Barky Beaver Mushroom &Topsoil Conditioner enhances planting beds and can be used to aerate and increase organic conditions for better root development.

We stock many types of Lawn fertilizers, grass seed and weed control products.

We offer Large Pine nuggets, Mini nuggets, Pine mulch, Cypress, and Bulk rock and hardwood mulches.

Edging choice, Edge King commercial plastic.

We offer Landscape fabric sizes from 3’ x 50’ up to 6’ x 300’ and fabric pins.